Moodle online resources


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New Moodle Versions Highlights
Highlights Moodle 3.4
Highlights Moodle 3.3
Highlights Moodle 3.2
Highlights Moodle 3.1

Moodle Resources in alphabetical order
Printed Educational Materials
Backup-Restore Course
Database Activity
FAQ for Teachers
Forum Activity
Images and Video Embedding
Messaging, Chat and Forum Activities
Message, Forum, Chat – Presentation
Notifications in Moodle
Question Sharer Role
Quizzes and Question Bank
Using Moodle Text Editors
OWLL Moodle plugin-guide for teachers
Video Educational Materials
Creating a quiz activity and set its options.
Creating a self-correcting online quiz (in French).
Database Activity
Managing an assignment activity (in French).
Question types and the Question Bank
Database Activity

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