Suggested Publication: “Student perception of Moodle learning management system: a satisfaction and significance analysis” by Horvat, Dobrota, Krsmanovic, Cudanov (2013)

This research study addresses differences in student perception of the significance of Moodle learning management system (LMS) quality characteristics and differences in student satisfaction in regard to such characteristics. In this study, it has been shown that male and female students are equally satisfied with Moodle LMS quality characteristics and that there is a difference in the significance that students give to these characteristics. Moreover, based on students’ age and year of study, it was found that these groups had different significance levels for quality characteristics and were not equally satisfied with them. It was also found that there is a substantial statistical difference in the significance students gave to quality characteristics and in student satisfaction itself, according to how much time they spent using the Moodle application.A further analysis of the variables demonstrated that the following components of quality characteristics were more important to female students: average waiting time for a response, feedback quality, material thoroughness, material clarity, website user-friendliness, cooperation diversity, and material quantity.

Horvat, A., Dobrota, M., Krsmanovic, M., & Cudanov, M. (2015). Student perception of moodle learning management system: A satisfaction and significance analysis. Interactive Learning Environments, 23(4), 515-527. doi:

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