MoodleMoot 2015 Conference will take place in Montréal!

CanadaMoot October 21 – 23 2015
Pre-conference: October 20, 2015
Hyatt Regency Montreal

1. One of the MoodleMoot’s new sponsors PACKT Publishing: while not attending as an exhibitor is making up for this by giving away free Moodle books, videos and huge discounts at the Moot October 20 – 23 in Montreal. I know which ones I want!

You might be interested in their ‘FREE LEARNING’ campaign over the next two weeks. They have Moodle 2.0 Elearning Course Development available as a FREE download to everyone on 22nd February:

Joan Coy  wrote an ‘instant book’ which can be found here:

2. We are looking for Moodlers to offer training sessions at our Pre-conference October 20. In particular: Social Media and Noodle, Mobile Moodle and Moodle 2.8 (we have tentatively scheduled an all day assessment workshop to delve into assignments, quizzes, gradebook etc) Yes – Martin Dougiamas Lead developer of Moodle will be with us too!

Here is our Call for Presenters: or write to us:

3. We are working with Moodle Headquarters to offer our first Developers Hack Fest – if this is of interest to you, contact

4. Reminder: Call for Presenters closes April 15, 2015:

5. Early Registration closes April 30, 2015 with discounts for presenters, and groups:

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